27 Jul 2011

OnE bAnD mAn ~sYmBoL~

From the short video clip 'One Man Band', i would like to touch on the symbol in this video clip. In this video, big gold coin had been chased by both of the street performers. The coin symbolized the hope for both of the musicians. Both of them are just trying their best to earn some money, income for their survival on the deserted Italian village square. Both musicians have their own, special skills in music. One played Bass, while another played Treble. In the beginning of the video, we know that both street performers are playing by themselves alone. They don't merge with one another. But, while both of them are trying to impress the young girl, both of the street performers, accidentally played the music together. The outcome music was really fantastic as the merging of Bass and Treble. The harmonization between Bass and Treble by two musicians are really superb. So, as for me, if both of the musicians combine together and do the performance, they might get more income to fulfill their basic needs. Sometimes, working together is much more fun and valuable then, working by all our self.

p/s any grammar mistakes or any kind of comments please, correct and let me know ya! ...thanks! (=

26 Jul 2011


Don't walk in front of me , I may not follow .
Don't walk behind me , I may not lead .
Walk beside me and be my friend .

There are many types of ships .
There are wooden ships , plastic ships , and metal ships .
But the best and most important types of ships that never sink are FRIENDSHIPS . 

From the short video clip " One Man Band " that was showed by Mr.Razol , I think the story line is good . Two of the musician work hard to capture the girl's attention and the coin of course . It kinda funny and I enjoyed it very much . This story teach us not to judge a book by its cover . Firstly , I thought that the girl was a normal village girl , but then the girl begin to perform like a true virtuoso . I just can't believe it . 
The example of  irony of this short video clip is when the two musicians play their instruments in order to earn some income from the girl , but in the end the coin fall down into the drain .
Anyways , overall I like this story ! It's awesome! Alright , Thank you~ ^^ 


~Based on the "ONE MAN BAND" that I had watched,the important event that happened in the story is when the little girl proved her inner talent to both of the musicians.Even when both of the musicians performed their band by playing all the musical instruments at the same time,they still did not manage to get any single donation by people.However,the little girl who only played just one musical instrument that is the violin was able to get the most donation by people.This shows the IRONY part of the story.~

~posted by: IDAYU BT NORDIN 15862~

24 Jul 2011


A little girl went to a small town and brought a coin with her. She was entertained by two entertainers who competed with each other to gain her attention in order to get the coin. They showed their greatest talent just to get the coin since the little girl was the only audience. The entertainers went mad. The little girl suddenly asked for one of the violin because her coin fell into the drain due to the madness of the two guys. The music produced by the violin sounded good and suddenly someone dropped a bag of coins in front of the girl. Both of the entertainers were shocked and asked for some coins. Unfortunately, the girl used some trick and the two guys were unable to get any coin.

15 Jul 2011


It was night.
I was looking at the sky.
Looking at those shiny stars.
Searching for the brightest one.
Then I found one.
But I wondered.
Was it really the brightest one?
I kept on searching.
Until I found one.
But yet I still not satisfied.
Until all the stars went away.
At last I found the brightest one.
It was the sun.
Suddenly I realised.
It's already morning.

p/s : this is my first post here. please correct my grammar :)

4 Jul 2011



2 Jul 2011

Important !!!

There will be no tutorial class on this wednesday (6/7/2011). The class is brought forward on this monday (4/7/2011) at LR1 from 5.30~7.15.
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