11 Aug 2011

One Man Band : The little girl

            Assalamualaikum and hi to everyone . Since Mr. Razol had asked every each of us to post any of the literature elements from the video that he had showed to us in the lecture class , which is ONE MAN BAND , so I'm going to post one . As the title mentioned , I'm going to write about the main character of the story , the little girl . She is voiceless character and unnamed, yet plays a very big role in the story . Having a gold coin in her hand , the two street performers compete with each other to get the coin from her. The girl watches the performance with admiral and unable to decide to whom should she gives the coin . As the street performers are too obsessed competing with each other till the little girl is forced to the corner of the arena , the only one gold coin fell into the drain . She is so upset and in a sudden , she , who at first was a very sweet little girl somehow transforms to a vengeful girl .


         Thus , she is a dynamic character . No more innocent look on her face , but glowing red eyes with full of revenge .  Unknowingly , the girl actually knows how to play the violin very well . Within just a short while after she plays , a bag full of gold coin is dropped in front of her . She then teases the two musicians with the coins she had gained . She shows the coin to them and asks them to get it from her , but when they come closer , she toss the coin into the wishing well . She is having fun avenging the street performers for causing her one gold coin to fell into the drain , and that is the end of the story . In my opinion , the little girl is a protagonist character. She is just a small kid , who will easily got emotional upon a small thing . It's normal . =)

psst ! do forgive and correct me if there is grammatical or any other error  in my post . =D


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