15 Aug 2011

Almost at the end

Hi everyone , how are you feeling today ? After all our tests had finished, and the assignments all had been submitted, I hope everyone is feeling great . Do feel so , or not , you will be looking much older than you supposed to be .  Hehe , I know , studying in university is totally different from schools , am I right friends?

Well , okay , it is a sad thing to say , but friends , we are almost at the end of this semester . Same goes to our English Tutorial Group 9 . I'm not sure when , but some says this week will be our last . After what we have gone through all this while , there must be lots of memories we have created together . Unfortunately , nothing is forever in real live , an end is compulsory to almost everything .

I still remember , my first tutorial class . I lay my head low , and started to observe . The class was full of faces that I've never know them before . I just know Nini , Waney , Al and Wan Maizatul . Then I observed our Mr. Bala , calm and full of advices . I like his style , his character , the way he talks , the way he conveys his messages are just like my father . So , looking at him , will reminds me of my father .

Since that , I was a little bit excited when it comes to our tutorial class . Time passes by , and more assigments were given to us . Mr. Bala divided us into groups , and we did some discussion then presented it in front of the class. As usual , Mr. Bala will asked some questions , with some help from Suki and Gurveen who always sit behind . From there , I got to know new names and their characters , of those faces that I had observed on my first day . Frankly speaking , our class is indeed full of funny people .

Poster presentation was wonderful . Every pair had different , unic and creative way on presenting . Some of them really impressed me . Then it comes to drama presentation , which I thought would be a burden to me as I didn't really know my team mates . There are Khairy , Haziq , our responsible Vijay , Mas , one of the four friends that I've known from the beginning , Alwani and myself in the group .

While discussing for drama , there would always be some debates between me and Vijay , due to some different point of views we had . Everything was settled by using voting system . Khairy and Haziq remained silent , and just put up their hands when it comes to vote . Mas and Alwani gave some ideas , but were rejected directyly by Vijay as he always has opposite ideas . Then I will stood out and debated with Vijay to defend Mas and Alwani's ideas . Haha , it was funny when I flashed back all those conversation we had .

Everything goes on and on like the same .  We had some rehearsals , and it was not as what I had expected . It was a bit boring , and I was not really interested to perform our drama . However , when Haziq brought his laptop and showed to us the backgrounds and songs for respective scenes we had , it changed my mind . Plus , everyone was like more open after being together for some time and began to show their real abilities in acting.

A week before the drama week , the lucky hands of Vijay had picked the first number out of six . Meaning to say , our group will be the first to perform . We all scared but nothing can be done . We must proceed and be brave. So there we go , being the first . I admit our drama has a lot of flaws  . The scene which should be comedy , turned out to be awkward .The scene we had planned to be serious , somehow turned out to be funny . Sorry everyone , do forgive us for our shortcomings . Our drama was quite messy , and again , I'm sorry for that on behalf of my group members .

Soon after we had done with our drama , I feel relieved . Then I watched the other groups presenting and I laughed a lot like seriously , all of you are good performers . I enjoy those two sessions of drama presentation . It was held in the test week . Thanks to everyone for giving me all those excitement and entertainment . All of you cheered up my test week . Thanks . =)

Now , there is no more drama , no more rehearsals , no more this and that . First I thought this moment would be the most wonderful moment as there would be no more pressure . However , everything changes . Deep in my heart , I miss all those moments we have had throughout this less than 3 months . I miss practising my drama with Alwani , Mas , Khairy , Haziq and yeah Vijay too. I miss preparing the poster with Nini . I miss having discussion with all of you .  I miss listening to your brilliant ideas. I miss listening and laughing at jokes we made .

Guys , do know something , you all are the best tutormates ever and nobody can replace you guys !Thanks for giving me all the sweet memories . I really hope , we can stay together as one group in English 2 , with Mr. Bala as our tutor . Though I know it seems impossible , it is never wrong to be hoping for something . Who knows , our hope will be granted . Whatever things may happen , I'm not going to forget all the memories we had , unless my memory card in my brain has expired . Last but not least , I would like to apologise if I've done any wrongs to any of you . Good luck everyone in pursuing your success . Hope our English Tutorial Group 9 will remains in your heart , as it does in mine . =)


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