14 Aug 2011

The Human Life

The human life is something more complex than any of us can comprehend. No one can really explain the secret behind our origins. Many theories have been deduced by Scientists. However, they are all assumptions. On the other hand, many religions have stories of how the human race came to be. One of the most favourite is the story of "Adam and Eve". But until today, not a single person can say for sure what our origins are.

Another mystery of our existence is the question, what are we supposed to do? One thing that is very clear is that we need to survive no matter what. Its a built in instinct that we are born with. This is what makes us strive to survive and push forward for the future. It is this which makes us excel and succeed. Another instinct of humans is the need to compete. We always try to be better that the other person. Why is this? This is because by being better, we can say that we have fulfilled our need for survival. Thus the need to obtain money.

Moving on, another instinct that we have embedded in ourselves is the need for love and affection. Humans, are very sensitive creatures and are in constant need of a companion. It is because of this that two human of different gender are usually attracted to each other. Hence, to give this bond between humans a meaning, marriage was created as a way of uniting two people for eternity.

Next, without us realizing, there is an instinct buried deep in us to continue the survival of the human species. Thus, it is done by reproduction to produce offspring.

It is these instincts that make sure we survive and ensure the continuation of our species.


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