15 Aug 2011

One Man Band

In this short film, I can saw many themes that it try to convey. The first theme is rivalry. In this film, the rivalry happen between the both musicians. Both of them compete to capture the young girl's attention to make the girl give the big gold coin that she's holding. Each of them give the best performance until the young girl's become confused.

Another theme in this short film is innocence. This is shown by the young girl's at the beginning of this film. The young girl is very humble and want to give the gold coin to both of the musicians. But they forced her until the coin dropped into the drain. After the coin dropped into the drain, the young girl have changed completely into a very opposite character.

The last theme is cooperation. This is shown by both of the musicians. At first, they compete among each other to get the gold coin from the young girls but after the coin dropped into the drain, they cooperate with each other to get that coins. But in the end, none of them got the coin because the young girl threw the coin to the top of the fountain.


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