15 Aug 2011

Capital City

Hey guys , greetings to everyone . Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of name of a capital city ? Here , I've found some interesting facts about the meaning behind the names of capital cities of certain countries .

1. Afghanistan's capital Kabul means "hump backed".

2. Thailand's capital Bangkok means "city of angels".

3. Spain's capital Madrid means "place of abundant water".

4. France's capital Paris means "the working people".

5. Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur means "muddy river".

6. Korea's capital Seoul means "capital".

7. China's capital Beijing means "gate".

8. Japan's capital Tokyo means "eastern capital".

9. Argentina's capital Buenos Aires means "good air".

10. Singapore means "lion city".

Maybe there are reasons for the country to name its capital city as such . For me , Buenos Aires and Bangkok have wonderful meanings , which is good air and city of angel respectively . I guess , thats all for now , hope you guys enjoy these little facts I've found . Who knows? It can enlarge and widen your general knowledge? Have fun guys . =D


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