14 Aug 2011


Football is creating more and more craze across the world with players and fans drooling over the game more than ever before. The great Euro 2008 has created hype and hoopla in full swing over the game. Unlike cricket which is mostly patronized by commonwealth nations that have remained colonies of the British, football is a more global game patronized the world over. It is just that cricket seems to be catching up with fame as well because media barons are splurging the game across channels in full fervour.

The craze of football can be felt when the FIFA fever sweeps the world.

Such is the craze of football, that many companies base all their marketing and promotions on this sport, particularly during world cup. From posters to banners to logo shirts and all that one can think of , they all flash football team names, uniform and other accessories. This has become a good way of marketing and creating product demand around sporting events.

Even the sponsorships for football matches have increased enormously with companies hungrily waiting to grab a share of this pie. All the advertisements and campaigns also start getting themed on the game as the matches take place. With such excitement about the game around the corner, it is not surprising that not only do players and fans come into action but also all bookies get energetic. Betting on football is like a ritual that takes place even before the game actually commences. People take it as a good source of entertainment and an exciting way of making easy money. It is challenging to do so and that is the reason one will find that mostly it is the people with a lot of interest and knowledge in football would only indulge in
betting. The football seems to be getting high on every one's nerves, from kids to adults, everyone enjoys the mere thrill in this game.


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