11 Aug 2011


Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! I'm Wan Maizatul and this is my first post in English Tutorial Group 9 blog. Here, I’m going to talk about a short movie named One Man Band. I think the movie is a very interesting movie and it contains a lot of moral values which we all can learn from it. The first thing I want to share here is we should not argue with each other in order to get something for ourselves. This is shown by the two musicians when they compete with each other in order to get the little girl’s money. But in the end it turns out that the girl got the money from someone. In this case, I think arguing brings no good at all since it is only wasting our time, energy and many more. I think the two musicians should play the music together so that people can hear the harmony of the music rather than competing with each other who plays the best. Secondly, we should show good manners to the youngsters. The two musicians should not argue in front of the little girl since this can only show their bad manners to the girl. As we all know, children are so easy to get influenced. So, the girl might argue with someone too when she grows up. Next, this movie also shows that little child can sometimes beat the older one. This is shown by the little girl when she can plays the music even better than the two musicians. At first, the two musicians expected just something ordinary when the girl plays the music instrument, but at the end, the girl has impressed the two musicians and she got countless of money from someone. I think those are all my opinion based on the movie. I really enjoy watching the movie even though it is short, but it brings a lot of moral values to me and I really adore the little girl’s character.


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