14 Aug 2011


My heart was pounding so fast as I enter the hall which determine my entire future. I were so afraid when my friends were all around me saying I will not succeed because I have done something wrong. I felt my heart was about to fall out from my chest, luckily, I have my mother next to me during that fearful moment. Suddenly, there was a voice came out from nowhere and call out a few names which include my name to go in front of the hall which is on the stage. I were thinking non-stop of what could had happen. The moment I saw my friend which I felt that she would get 10A+, I felt happy. I was jumping around holding my mother’s hand without any suitable reason. My mother was like blur about what had happen and I just told her that your son made you and the whole family proud. Finally, I was announced as one of the straight A’s student in my school. Although I did not get a lot of A+ but I am satisfy of what I have received and thank God for it. The reason why I said this is a miracle because I had done so badly in the Biology papers but I still get straight A’s and it is a miracle and blessing from God.


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