14 Aug 2011


Based on the short movie showed to us by Mr.Razol, I would like give my opinion on one of the themes of the short movie, which is rivalry. Both musicians showed rivalry in contest of getting the golden coin from the little girl. At first, they performed individually to attract the little girl attention. They competed for the golden coin by showing their best performance together. When the golden coin was dropped down to the drain, the little girl had nothing to give them. However, the little girl took one of the small violins and played beautifully. She got a bag of golden coins from one of the passersby. Both musicians looked at her and wanted the golden coin. The little girl threw the coin up to the top of the fountain. In the end, both musicians did not get the golden coin. They, who competed at first, have to work together now to retrieve the golden coin from the fountain’s top. This showed that rivalry should not exist, instead we should work together to achieve a goal. The irony of the little girl being better than both musicians showed that there is always someone better out there regardless of how good you are.


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