15 Aug 2011


From the video, i want to talk about moral values. One of the moral values is one must not be greedy. For instance, both of the musician are too greedy. They compete in order to get the young girl's coin and eventually the girl got scared by the musicians action. Finally both of them got nothing at all. Thus,all of us should not be greedy. The ones who are greedy will get nothing just like the musicians who compete for the coin. The second moral value is that we should be tolerant to each other. For example, if the musician who plays violin would make a deal that they take turns to play music to get the coin with the other musician, they would have gotten more money than they have before. Besides that, the young girl also would not get scared because of their horrible actions. Therefore, being tolerant to each other will not only benefit others, but also our own. I just want to say that all of us should be tolerant and should not be greedy. It is for our own good.


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