13 Aug 2011

~~one man band~~

In this short film, the characters that i recognised are the girl, two man. There was a one man band, with drums and horns and others musical tools. He looked very sad because of nobody gives any appreciation such as coins to him. At that time, a small girl enters the area and heads towards the water's edge with a coin. This made the man to start playing his musical tools, and feels very excited while thinking that the girl will give the coin to him. .Another one band man appeared with the more musical tools and modern i think.The way he played the musicals tools made the girl interested with his music. The other man feels challenged by another man, so he tried to compete with the man. As the two man competing each other to gain the girl's attention,suddenly the coin slipped from the girl's hand and the coin fell into the drain. The girl feels angry to the both man and then the girl suddenly ask for a violin to the both man and started to play.She can played the violin and she can played it very very well. While she playing the violin, someone throw a bag of coins to her. And she really shocked at that time. She feels really excited. So that, she takes all the coins and at last the two man did not get any coins on that day.For the two man, what can i say is PEOPLE WHO ARE GREEDY ALWAYS LOSE...


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