15 Aug 2011

One Man Band :3

The video, One Man Band, tells a story of a little girl and two musicians. The two musicians are street performers, who play their respective instruments to impress the crowd and hoping that the crowd will tip them for their performances. In one fine evening, a little girl happened to pass by the town square, she wanted to toss a coin into the nearby fountain. One of the musicians spotted the girl's presence and started to play his instrument, specifically a combination of windpipes and percussion instruments, hoping that the little girl will notice him and tip him. Just when the little girl started to approach the musician, another musician from the other side, played his instrument, namely strings instruments to attract the little girl's attention. He tried to avert the little girl's attention from the other musician and hoping that the little girl will bring the coin to him instead. The first musician, feeling provoked and unsatisfied, played his instruments intensely to attract the girl's attention again. The second musician did the same and the competition goes on for a few minutes.

After awhile, the coin slipped from the girl's hand and it fell into the drain. The girl felt sad and angry, she asked the two musicians to compensate for her lost coin but neither of the two musicians have any money with them. Feeling angry, the little girl borrowed a violin from the second musician and started to play it. At first, her playing was terrible and the two musicians couldn't bear to hear her playing. After the little girl tuned the violin a few times, she started to play like a true professional, probably even better than the owner of the violin. The two musicians were really surprised, they didn't expect her to be that good. Then, a pedestrian passed by and dropped a bag of coins in front of the little girl. She took out two coins from the bag and showed them to the two musicians. The two musicians waited anxiously for the little to give them the coins but unfortunately, the little girl tossed the coins onto the fountain instead. The two musicians felt disappointed and the video ends there. The end :)


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