15 Aug 2011

Some of my quotes about FRIENDSHIP

  1. "It takes a long time to grow an old friend"

  2. "Make new friends but keep the old , some are silver and others are gold"

  3. "The best mirror is an old friend"

  4. "Friends are born, not made"

  5. "Never kiss a friend, if u have deeper feelings, never reveal them. You will lose that friend forever......"

  6. "A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget"

  7. "Friendship is the golden ribbon that ties the world togather"

  8. "Friends are angels following you through life"

  9. "Love is blind, but friendship closes its eyes"

  10. "Remember that every good friends was once a strnger"

  11. "Bestfriends are better than girlfriend"

  12. "True friendship, unlike love, always last forever"

  13. "when you are looking for a friend don't look for perfection, just look for friendship"

  14. "Money might make you wealthy, but friends makes you rich"

  15. "Gems may be presious, but friends are priceless"


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