27 Jul 2011

OnE bAnD mAn ~sYmBoL~

From the short video clip 'One Man Band', i would like to touch on the symbol in this video clip. In this video, big gold coin had been chased by both of the street performers. The coin symbolized the hope for both of the musicians. Both of them are just trying their best to earn some money, income for their survival on the deserted Italian village square. Both musicians have their own, special skills in music. One played Bass, while another played Treble. In the beginning of the video, we know that both street performers are playing by themselves alone. They don't merge with one another. But, while both of them are trying to impress the young girl, both of the street performers, accidentally played the music together. The outcome music was really fantastic as the merging of Bass and Treble. The harmonization between Bass and Treble by two musicians are really superb. So, as for me, if both of the musicians combine together and do the performance, they might get more income to fulfill their basic needs. Sometimes, working together is much more fun and valuable then, working by all our self.

p/s any grammar mistakes or any kind of comments please, correct and let me know ya! ...thanks! (=


seri :) said...

Besides the big gold coin, there is another prominent symbol that can be seen in this short film which is the musical instruments.These instruments symbolize talent and passion. Both of the street performers, played the musical instrument with full passion as they compete with each other in order to get the big golden coin. However, Tippy, the little girl outshine the most when she played the violin. Although she didn't even know how to play the violin, with passion and inner talent that she got, she played it even better than the other two street performers.

RaFiQah said...

thanks seri!!! i had miss it!! =))

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